Start Bridge Project at Printfabriek, Eindhoven

Start Bridge Project at Print factory Eindhoven

Last Friday, the 17th of May, Contractor BAM and Material supplier Weber Beamix, together forming the Printfabriek (the Print factory), organized a morning where local residents of the neighbourhood where the bridge will be lying soon, were present. Together with the Director of Rijkswaterstaat Oost Nederland, Nelly Kalfs and councelor of the City of Nijmegen Harriët Tiemens, we all celebrated the start of the 3D printing of the bridge.

A lot of press wittnessed the start. You can see and read articles made by the local broadcaster, ‘Omroep Gelderland’ and others by clicking the links below. In Dutch, of course, but when you do not speak the language, at least you can see the 3D printer up and running and printing the first part.