Visie RWS

RWS has another way of looking a the whole process.

At RWS we think a bit in a different direction. We’re fond of the way Michiel and others approach the matter, but at Rijkswaterstaat we are interested in other aspects.

At RWS we presume that there will be lesser and lesser hands to build the bridges we need and this technique might fill in on the matter. We talk about and discuss robotizing the building environment

The technique will be cheaper than traditional ways of building in the near future; we can reduce the costs of failure because much more is done beforehand, and with computerized processes.

This technique will probably help us reach our environmental goals. By only using material where it is needed and working with ‘infill’ and such we help sparing/saving a lot of material; thus helping in reducing co2 emissions. Concrete, and more especially cement is a large producer of co2 emissions, once during the making of cement, the burning, and afterwards while transporting and processing.

We think we can work much more flexible with this technique.

At Rijkswaterstaat we are especially interested in Innovation. We believe that our focus on innovation ensures that we are one of the most modern countries when it comes to roads, bridges and waterways. Still, the main thing remains that everything must be done safely.